Q. What solutions does Cybamar sotware offer ?
A .  Cybamar Cargo Solutions provides a complete web based logistics managemnt system that can handle every aspect of the internationl freight bussiness.  see solutions list.

Q. Who are your customers ?
A .Cybamar Cargo Solutions customers range in size from one to one hundered users.  Our customers are experts in all areas of the trasportation and logistics industry.

Q.  What kind of customer support do you offer ?
A. We Provide in-depth and personalzed support, which sets us apart from the typical software company. Our in-house designers and technitians spend a significant amount of time working with customers to maximize the capabilites of Cybamar Cargo Solutions for their usage. 

Q. What interfaces do you provide with other venders?
A.Cybamar Cargo Solutions has multiple electronic interfaces that will help you easily communicate with your trading partners. We can easily develop additional interfaces that you may require. Please see our list of partners.

Q. What is the Cybamar Cargo Solutions transportation management system ? ( TMS )
A. The Cybamar Cargo Solutions system is a complete integrated software solution designed for freight forwarders, NVOCC's, forwarding agents, warehouse providers, and shipping lines.

Q. Does Cybamar Cargo Solutions have an accounting package ?
A. Yes, a complete accounting system is integrated.

Q. Does Cybamar Cargo Solutions have a contract Rating management package ? 
A. Yes, a complete contract management package for all modes of transportation is integrated.