Freight Forwarders

Cybamar Cargo Solution  provides global freight forwarders with the broadest solution on the market, designed to organize and coordinate every aspect of their shipments, consolidations, NVOCC operations, imports, exports, transshipments, and on-forwarding. For both international and domestic operations covering multiple transport modes, Cybamar Cargo Solutions maximizes your productivity, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.


Integrated operations for more streamlined shipments

Cybamar Cargo solutions  gets your shipments from A to Z quickly and efficiently. With forwarding capabilities tightly integrated across multiple enterprise-class modules, you run your global operations as one  unit. Your forwarding, origin, destination, intermediate vessel and flight requirements, brokerage, customs, invoicing, and costing requirements can all be managed in the one multilayered shipment form, eliminating the need for separate, time-consuming jobs and delivering organization-wide transparency. Your customers will see a higher level of service as their data and buyer-supplier information can be shared throughout your operations, minimizing delays and the potential for errors.


Increased automation for more productive processes

If manual and paper-intensive processes are stalling your business, Cybamar Cargo solutions  will deliver the automation you need to save time, money, and human resources. Its multifunctional , multimodal wizard applications give you integrated rating, creating documntation and electronic manifesting between your global offices so you can break the repetitive cycle of re-entering information. Enter your data just once, dramatically reduce errors, and significantly optimize processes. As a freight forwarder, your focus should be on managing freight, not repetitive processes. Cybamar Cargo Solutions automation capabilities let you do exactly that. Create your own workflows, and the system manages them for you. Generating a booking quote with Cybamar Cargo Solutions is simplified, streamlined, and more productive. Existing customer details auto-populate and job charges calculate automatically. Integrate these with Cybamar Cargo Solutions multi-currency accounting and invoicing functions and your freight forwarding services are delivered hassle-free.


Clearer communications with customs and customers

Cybamar Cargo Solution comprehensive communications connect forwarders with every link in the supply chain, enabling electronic exchange of information with multiple industry organizations, including customs and port authorities, airlines, shipping lines, transport providers, depots, industry facilitators, agents, and your customers and clients. Cybamar Cargo Solution receives schedule and container tracking updates from various sources which can be relayed to customers. Automated alerts ensure your customers get the information they need, when they need it, while automated reports monitor their KPIs. 


Visibility at every stage

As a forwarder, you understand that customers must have assurance that their goods are in safe hands. Cybamar Cargo Solutions web-based tracking capabilities enable you to provide visibility and peace of mind to your customers. They see the status of goods, orders, and shipments easily and in real time. Like you, they can access information whenever they need it.


Configurable for your company needs

No two businesses are the same, so Cybamar Cargo is fully configurable for your unique needs. Its intuitive tools allow you to tailor the look and feel of data entry forms, industry documents, and reports to match your requirements, while flexible templates let you design reports that align with your corporate image. Configureable search filters and grid options simplify locating a consol or shipment status, allowing you to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.


Imports and exports made easy

Cybamar Cargo Solutions includes a sophisticated order management module for smoother end-to-end shipments for you and your customers. From the time an order is placed through to its delivery, Cybamar Cargo Solutions order module helps plan your shipments and reassures your customers that their orders are on time and on track. Integrating perfectly with its forwarding, customs, and web tracking capabilities, the module manages and monitors the status of shipments with the convenience of a single-platform system. No matter how big your operation or how complicated your shipment, Cybamar Cargo Solutions makes import and exports easy for both you and your customers.


Keep your bookings shipshape

Cybamar Cargo Solutions booking capabilities keep you organized for faster and more efficient bookings. By assembling your job, client, sales, and staff documentation and communications into one system, you can benefit from faster and more accurate LCL, FCL, and air freight bookings. Particularly suited to NVOCC and consolidation operators as well as air-freight forwarders, Cybamar Cargo Solutions booking module gives you a complete sail, flight, truck, and rail scheduling system. Build a schedule with multiple origin and destination points, and Cybamar Cargo Solutions will track every movement, every time.