Land Transport

A shipment may travel the world, but every order begins and ends on land. As such, a successful supply chain operation isn’t complete without efficient local and overland transportation. Whether door-to-port or port-to-door, trucks or tracks, refrigerated, point to point, bulk or line haul, Cybamar Cargo Software  is the comprehensive solution that seamlessly manages your consignments to and from everywhere in every form.


A complete transportation solution

The key to a successful land transport operation is staying informed through up-to-the-minute, accurate, and complete data for planning, allocation, and execution of consignment pickup and delivery. With Cbyamar Cargo software , you get real-time, electronically linked insights into your operations


Better transport management for better business

Map, manage, and schedule all of your operations through Cybamar Cargo software comprehensive planning functionality. Its integrated run-sheet dashboard display delivers instant, comprehensive status of your vehicle fleet and allocated jobs. Whether containerized cargo or bulk, multiple or mixed consignments, liquid or refrigerated, multi-leg or container, Cybamar Cargo Software for land transport software will help you optimize delivery schedules and get the most from your trucking fleet.


Real-time proof of delivery

As soon as your driver and customer have confirmed delivery, Cybamar Cargo Software  posts the charges via accurate and automatic billing. Using integrated scan, weight, and measure equipment, consignment errors, supply discrepancies, and revenue leakage can be accounted for and traced back to their cause. Not only does this immediately benefit your cash flow, it also vastly reduces administration, inquiries, claims, and complaints.