EDI Integration

Cybamar Solutions provides users with the ability to conduct business electronically between trading partners based on the Electronic Commerce standards and methodology. One form of Electronic Commerce is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).


EDI is an electronic exchange of information between trading partners. Data files are exchanged in a standard format to minimize manual effort, speed data processing, and ensure accuracy.


The EDI Gateway performs the following functions:


- define trading partner groups and trading partner locations

- enable transactions for trading partners

- provide location code conversion between trading partner location codes and codes used in Cbyamar Solutions

- provide general code conversion between trading partner codes or standard codes

- define interface data files so that application data can interface with EDI translators

- extract application data, format, and write to data files (outbound transactions)

- import data or converted codes into application open interface tables so that application program interfaces (API) can validate and update Oracle application tables (inbound transactions)

- Customize your solution and integrate with other 3rd part applications